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Democratizing Venture Capitalism



DCORP is autonomous, decentralized and democratic. An organization that exists on blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. DCORP manages its own token (DRP) and the Ether it holds. Anyone can join DCORP as shareholder or talented contributor, anonymously through their Ethereum account. The shareholders are the collective owners of DCORP and decide on the business financials. The Board of Directors manage DCORP on a day-to-day basis, are elected and publicly known. All voting behavior is stored on the blockchain and thus made public.

Talent is the key to successful projects and ventures. To attract and retain the best talent in the market, DCORP practices competitive compensation for their efforts and periodic retainment bonuses in Ether.

Our Mission

Democratizing Venture Capitalism

Attract talent

Attract and retain the best and brightest talent of the crypto industry

Unlock potential

Together unlock the full business potential of blockchain

First movers advantage

Gain first mover advantage in a fast growing new economy

Share holders

& elected
board members


The shareholders are the collective owners of DCORP. Anyone who owns one or more DCORP tokens is considered a shareholder (see also the section Shareholders and token acquisition).

More information in our whitepaper

Board of Directors

The board of directors (B of D) is a group of seven elected individuals who represent the shareholders by making governance decision through a voting process (see also governance proposals B of D) and performing management tasks.

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How it works

From idea
to profit

1 - Submit an idea

A smart-contract business idea is described and discussed on the forum

2 - Proposal

Once sufficient support is raised to fund the realization of an idea, a proposal is submited

3 - Shareholders vote

Shareholders vote about the submitted proposal within a timeframe of seven days

4 - Fund is deployed

If the proposal was approved, a fund contract is automatically deployed on the blockchain

5 - Development

A manager is assigned to the project, funds and code are released periodically

6 - Product launch

The smart-contract product is released and profit is distributed as recorded in the contact


Learn more | 了解更多 | Узнать больше

We offer our whitepaper in English, Chinese and Russian | 我们提供英文、中文及俄语白皮书 | Мы предлагаем наш бизнес-план на английском, китайском и русском языках.

DEP: Derivatives Exchange

powered by Ethereum

Enabling investors and speculators with the financial tools they trust


Revolutionary decentralized leverage solutions


Decentralized smart-contract risk hedge products

Options and Futures

Options and futures redefined for the blockchain

Ethereum Derivatives Exchange Please see our whitePaper for a full description.
  • Next Generation, decentralized platform for Options and Futures trading
  • Simple, Low-Cost and Autonomous Operation
  • Clever model of ascending stakes to maximizing leverage in an anonymous world
  • Allowing multi-token derivatives for spreading to lower risk
  • Safe and Transparent through Public, Immutable and Zero-downtime ledger

What are derivatives?

Derivatives are common financial tools that derive value from underlying assets, options, futures and warrants are a few examples of derivatives.

In the traditional world, the derivatives market is estimated to be a Quadrillion USD market. To put that in to perspective: this is more than 10 times the total world gross domestic product (GDP).

Why do we need derivatives?

Options and futures can be used to hedge risks or trade with leverage. The ability to hedge risks will allow more people, businesses, and investors to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Being able to trade with leverage allows for speculation on a declining price, reducing volatility as a result.

Building the decentralized economy together!


The team consists of various members with mixed specialties, please scroll down to meet the team members
Frank Bonnet

Frank Bonnet

Founder and lead developer

Frank Bonnet has nine years of experience designing, building and maintaining countless enterprise .NET applications. Co-founder, developer and owner of "DS Verzekeringen", an insurance company in the Netherlands and many other web-based projects.

Ether enthusiast, investor in both mining and trading. Experience with developing contracts in Solidity using Truffle and Mocha. Has a business view and a developer's mind.

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Hansco Leek

Hansco Leek

Service Manager / Entrepreneur

Stockbroker, entrepreneur, investor and co-owner / founder at Autodealers (a successful Automotive IT company) among others. Early Bitcoin adopter and investor, currently investing in Ether among others.

At the age of 17, Hansco Leek started trading stocks and soon found himself successfully speculating by trading options and futures on the trading floor in Amsterdam. Realizing the potential of the upcoming internet business, he invested the money he gained through speculating in internet startups.

After 23 years of experience, Hansco Leek believes in DCORP and its decentralized derivatives exchange. By bringing management and trading expertise, he makes the team stronger and his early investment helps to realize the project.

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Corben Leek

Corben Leek

Entrepreneur / Systems Engineer

Entrepreneur, Software engineer and network architect with 17 years of experience in .NET, Windows, Linux and VMware. Corben Leek has developed enterprise applications for the financial giants ASR and Kroymans Financial Services and among others.

Long time entrepreneur and co-founder / owner at Autodealers, blue7.nl, autowereld.nl, Slimverzekeren, DealerServices among others.

Corben Leek's extensive experience with developing financial enterprise applications in combination with being an early cryptocurrency adopter make him a valuable asset to the team.

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Arliw Neatprom

Arliw Neatprom

Web designer

Web designer and software engineer with experience in visual computing and Matlab. Responsible for the front-end development of the UI's.

Studied computer science at Khon Kaen University until she graduated in 2016. Arliw Neatprom's creativity, experience with web design and determination are an inspiration for the rest of the team.

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Corben Leek

William Rice

Executive / Board Member

William Rice is a seasoned executive in the Technology industry offering over 20 years of experience in Digital Technology, Telecommunications and Media in both multinational corporate environments as well as with start-ups. He is a creative and content-focused leader with the capabilities to inspire and to drive innovative concepts towards value.

In recent years, William has focused on developing, marketing and selling solutions in areas like:

  • Digital Media
  • Media cloud services (e.g. transport, transcoding, workflow, storage)
  • Broadcasting, OTT TV and Online Video
  • Social business solutions (e.g. social network analysis, social media analytics)
  • Big Data, Analytics & Customer Insights
  • Blockchain for business applications
  • AI & Automation.

William hold a Masters Degree in Psychology. From this background he continually observes how consumer behavior is changing, and determines the upcoming challenges and opportunities for technology industry.

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Marc van Broekhoven

Marc van Broekhoven

Customer Success Manager

Energetic and versatile business technologist with broad >20yrs experience in Communications and IT industries. Change Agent. Delivered countless innovative projects and services across Business (Sales, CRM, Billing and Collections) and Technology (Upgrades, Integrations, re-Platforming) with companies like IBM, Huawei, Vodafone, KPN, T-Mobile and Mendix. Proficiency engaging with customers and working with management teams across cultures. Marc is a strong believer and adopter of Ethereum as a disruptive technology facilitating differentiating business and operating models in an increasingly flat and interconnected world. Marc's strengths and satisfaction are helping customers successfully adopt these disruptive technologies to (re)gain agility and competitive edge.

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Paul Stoop

Paul Stoop

Digital change & programmanager

Paul Stoop has over 10 years experience as a change & program manager within the financial services. He has directed several large-scale programs. Now he is responsible for the digital transformation for a listed Dutch financial service provider.

The rapid developments in the fintech sector and the opportunities of the decentralized organizations strengthen each other in order to raise the established order in financial services. With his extensive knowledge of software development, financial services and digitization, Paul wants to give a boost to this new world as partner of the DCORP team

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Maarten Jansen

Maarten Jansen

Lawyer and compliance officer

Maarten attended law school at the university of Leiden where he obtained his masters degree in Dutch law in 2000. Maarten has seventeen years experience as a lawyer. His practice focuses on corporate, financial and bankruptcy law, incorporations, restructurings, securities, asset and share transactions, business purchases and sales and a wide variety of contract drafting. Maarten is also regularly appointed by the court as a trustee in bankruptcies.

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Ruud de Kleijn

Ruud de Kleijn

Lawyer and compliance officer

Ruud studied physics (for a short while) and ultimately completed business law cum laude. His first position was as a management consultant, working for several companies and government institutions. After a few years he switched to his other passion: the law. These days he specialises in financial law (securities and derivatives) and intellectual property law. Because of his combination of a technical background and experience in management of companies, Ruud is often asked to counsel start-ups and scale-ups with innovative ideas.

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Mike Balagna

Mike Balagna

Marketing Communications Manager

Insightful and multi-talented, Mike Balagna has been phenomenal in giving shape to many innovative marketing ideas. Shows great expertise and talent in communications strategy and planning, media relations, collateral developments and other allied functions. He is responsible for our media and investor relations, as well as development and production/budgeting in press and media releases.

Mike's initiative and his ability to pull together a vision and plan, makes him a beneficial asset to our team.

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