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Cryptocurrency Beginner

First Contact
Half way there!
What makes it special?
What does it remove the need for, and why is this technology so special?
How does it work?
How does Blockchain and the technology actually work?
What does this mean for us?
Final lesson piece before quiz
First Quiz
Take a break to show us what you've learned.
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Coins and Tokens
This course will cover the differences between Crypto Coins and Crypto Tokens.
A basic walkthrough on crypto-coins
A basic walkthrough on crypto-tokens
Points of Differentiation
Coins and Tokens, Different Entities
Safety and Security
This lesson offers you an introduction to safety and security in the world of cryptocurrency.
Public and Private Keys
Keeping your keys secure and making transactions.
Wallets and Security Measures
Basic wallet types, Two-Factor-Authentication, and recovery methods
Cautiousness when investing in ICO's, and scam awareness
What to look out for when considering investing in an ICO
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