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Governance Proposals

While often overlooked, DCORP’s Governance Proposal system is not something to be ignored. As a democratic corporation, the smart contract technology underlying DCORP allows many governing actions and decisions to take place that both tokenholders and board members are able to propose.

Below is a chart illustrating the governance and proposals available to the DCORP community and board members.


To allow swift decision-making, governance proposals with low impact, may be approved by an Advisory Board’s vote. When submitting a proposal that satisfies the criteria of ‘governance proposal (AB)’, the submitter is free to submit the proposal that requires the token holders to vote. Governance proposals that can be approved by the Advisory Board include:

  • Canceling funds
  • Replacing fund managers
  • Freezing accounts
  • Deploying contracts (in order to develop funded projects)
  • Managing deployed contracts


Governance proposals that change business rules, have a large impact on token holders or cannot be voted on by board members because their interests could conflict, must be approved by a token holders’ vote. Governance proposals that need token holder approval include:

  • Profit sharing
  • Issuing new tokens
  • Token holder’s initiative to replace board members
  • Adjusting voting rules
  • Adjusting funding rules
  • Adjusting fees (for submitting a proposal)
  • Adjusting bonuses
  • Changing compensations
  • Managing deployed contracts
  • Approving a proposal that was declined by the Advisory Board (any proposal that can be approved by the Advisory Board can also be approved by the token holders)
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