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The Academy

With the Token changer live and users converting into DRPU and DRPS, there had still been quite a bit of hesitation as less than 25% of DRP holders converted their original tokens. A reason for not converting may have been that DRPS is not available to U.S. citizens, while others may have questioned the value of the DRPU token related to its clear use cases. This was taken very seriously by the DCORP team, and had led them to make a choice in re-prioritizing their development efforts to bring forward what was meant to be a future milestone for the VC Platform.

Composed of Categories, courses, and quizzes, the Academy offers lessons in the form of articles and quizzes that will allow you, the community, to earn badges from completing specific courses. Whether you’re a blockchain professional or an aspiring enthusiast, from the basics of bitcoin to the complexity of smart contracts, DCORP aims to become the medium for those who wish to grow and educate themselves in the industry. Most importantly, it assists members of DCORP in making well rounded and educated decisions whilst using the functionality of the VC platform.

Badges earned from completing courses will be displayed within your profile on the VC platform, and they will also come with a few interesting benefits, one of them being Token Airdrops from Token Partners of DCORP, earned by completing courses on the DCORP Academy.

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