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The Tokens

Each of the distributed 8,094,002 DRP tokens were meant to be an entitlement to 1 vote on our VC Platform on what will be community envisioned proposals. This is no longer entirely the case, as DRP would soon be exchanged for DRPU or DRPS, The primary use case remains the same however. Anyone who signs up on the VC Platform can post ideas, submit proposals, and participate in the discussion of projects.

There is a structured process to select and fund projects:

  • Optional First step A: A submitted idea is commented on by the community and given the opportunity to polish the idea into a better proposal.
  • First step B: A submitted proposal is voted on by the community.
  • If approved, the proposal is then reviewed for accuracy and flaws.
  • A project manager is assigned to the approved proposal.
  • The team behind the proposal begins development to bring the project to fruition.

DCORP encourages its community to collaborate actively to help fund projects that are blockchain based, decentralized, and transparent by nature. Just like DCORP, the rules behind these projects are described in their immutable Smart Contracts. Since Smart Contracts operate on the public blockchain, this ensures transparency in all the actions and decisions and allows the community to be a valued asset of DCORP, instead of just an outside entity. In addition to funding projects, token holders can also vote on the various governance proposals relating to a number of business activities of the Corporation.

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