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The Tokensale

Decentralized Corporation (DCORP) was created by a group of blockchain enthusiast, just perfect for the start-up, in early 2017. Their mission was to bring democracy into the elitist venture capital industry through the revolutionary digital blockchain  —  a decentralized, state-of-the-art, and inherently democratic technology.

DCORP Founder Frank Bonnet and the rest of the core team decided on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as the best option for funding and developing their project, and token. A token is a transferable unit of value managed by a piece of code called a smart contract. It can represent equity in a company or access to a system. The system in mind for DCORP: Voting and governance opportunity on within DCORP.

With the crowdsale taking place in June 2017, relentless development and campaigning allowed DCORP to surpass the minimum funding goal and successfully raised 16,451 ETH, which was worth approximately 5 Million USD at the prevailing price. Contributors exchanged their ETH for DRP, the token representing a share in DCORP during the crowd sale. Successfully funded, they were ready to begin development of the Venture Capitalism (VC) Platform.

Did you know: ICOs have grown to account for more startup funding in blockchain based companies then in all of venture capital!

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