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Fundamental Analysis

Introduction to fundamental analysis 101
The basics of fundamental analysis
Going through the basic principles of fundamanetal analysis
Top down fundamental analysis
basics on top fown fundamental analysis
The pros & cons of fundamental analysis
A review of the pros and cons of fundamental anaylsis
A brief history of fundamental analysis
this lesson provides an overview of the history of fundamental analysis
Equity fundamentals
Understanding Equity fundamental principles
Price earnings ratio
When we talk about the price/earnings ratio, we are looking at how much investors are willing to pay per dollar of earnings.
Price book ratio
The price/book ratio simply represents the current market price of the company relative to the actual assets that the company owns.
Growth value spectrum
Fundamental investors often like to subdivide their equity investments into two main categories.
Venture capital investing
Of particular interest to us at DCORP is the idea of venture capital investing.
Non-equity fundamentals
In comparrison to equity fundamentals, here we assess the non-equity fundamentals
Supply & demand
The supply & demand fundamental of valuing assets
According to standard texts on supply and demand, supply represents how much the market can or wants to offer.
Demand refers to the willingness and ability of consumers to buy a given amount of a good or a service at a particular price.
An asset’s structure
When people first get involved in investing or trading, they often look at the prices of certain assets
Wrapping it all up
Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this course
Fundamental Analysis Quiz
Quiz on Fundamental Analysis
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