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Introduction to Order types and Order Books

Welcome to DCORP Academy’s introduction to order types and order book basics.
Positions, Buying and Selling
Before you even learn about order types, you need to understand some of the basics of Positions, Buying and Selling
Candlestick Charts
A review of Candlestick charts which offer more information than line charts.
Order Types
Explanation of Market Orders and Limit Orders
Advanced Limit Order Execution
Depending on the exchange, it may or may not offer advanced order types
Advanced Limit Order Options
Some exchanges offer advanced limit order options which could be beneficial to active cryptocurrency traders or investors.
Stop Orders
Stop orders are useful if you do not want to be constantly watching the cryptocurrency markets tick by tick
Order Book Explained
An order book is simply a ledger containing all outstanding orders.
A final thought of all the points of this lesson
Quiz on Introduction to Order Types and Order Books
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