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In this lesson, you will come to have a working knowledge of the various wallets required to have a diverse portfolio, as well as the pros and cons of each.
Multi-Wallet Considerations
Considerations to keep in mind for multi-wallets
Jaxx and Exodus
Examples of popular multi-wallets
Multi-Signature and Options
Additional security features some wallets may offer
Quiz 1
Multi-Wallets Quiz
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Hardware Wallets
If you already own bitcoin or alternative coins (alt coins), you should learn about one of the best ways to store your digital currency.
Wallets Explained
Storing your digital coins is essential to investing in and using cryptocurrencies. Think of wallets as a “digitized” version of your banking account.
Different Types of Wallets
There are three main types of software wallets: desktop, mobile and online.
Ledger Nano
A popular hardware wallet
Another popular hardware wallet
Quiz 2
1. Hardware Wallets Quiz
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Generic Token Wallets
ERC20 Wallets, Mist, and Alternatives
ERC20 Standard
In 2015, the Ethereum Project issued technical specifications for digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
Mist Wallet
Mist is a hybrid desktop application and has a web interface.
Alternative Generic Wallets
Hardware wallets are often thought of as the most secure way to store your digital coins.
Quiz 3
Generic Token Wallets Quiz
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Storage Safety and Security
If you are just getting started, you need to take some precautions when storing your cryptocurrencies.
How to backup your wallets
Risk Prevention
Risk preventive measures when storing cryptocurrencies
How to recover your wallets
Quiz 4
Storage Safety Quiz
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