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Jaxx and Exodus


Jaxx is understandably a popular multi-wallet with a huge amount of functionality across many coins and tokens. The minimalist design allows it to be an extremely intuitive piece of software.

The simple interface offers a QR code for each of your coin-specific wallets within Jaxx, even those who have never owned a wallet before will find it simple to navigate it.

Available on almost all devices, Jaxx caters to crypto traders and investors on the move, with an app for iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux. With a variety of ways to access your funds, the Jaxx team also offer Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Despite being a new company, Jaxx has propelled itself to the top of the multi-wallet league tables thanks to its intuitive design, ease of use and large range of available coins. Its customer service too has been highly praised online and caters to many platforms.


Another prominent desktop wallet, Exodus is one of the most popular multi-wallets in circulation today. Offering a huge number of coins and tokens, Exodus, alongside Jaxx, is one of the premier options when considering diversifying your portfolio away from just Bitcoin or Ether.

Well known for its easier-than-usual backup features and account recovery options, Exodus is also famed for listening to its userbase, thanks to an active Slack and Sub-Reddit.

Offering up to 30 coins and tokens, diversifying your portfolio could not be easier. Exodus’ design take a different direction to the Jaxx wallet we discussed in the last section. Rather than offering individual portals to each of your coins, Exodus does its best to incorporate your entire portfolio in colourful pie charts.

From the main hub, users can then click through to each individual coin which then goes on to offer a wider variety of transaction functions.

Again, integrated with Shapeshift, Exodus is the perfect platform to trade, invest in and manage your crypto empire.