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Ledger Nano

Source: Ledger Wallet

The Ledger Nano S wallet one is of the most popular hardware wallets out there and beginners could easily learn to use it. The Ledger Nano S allows users to safely store Bitcoin Ethereum and alt coins. The hardware wallet connects to any computer via USB, and thereafter, embeds a built-in OLED display in order to double-check and confirm each transaction once you tap on its side buttons.

Source: Ledger Wallet

Some of the main features of the Ledger Nano S include:

● USB connectivity

● Compact casing, which is easy to carry around

● Compatible with Ledger Wallet Bitcoin and Ethereum Chrome application

● High level of security due to the use of cryptographic secrets protected by a secure chip

● Confirmation of cryptocurrency transactions displayed on the embedded screen

● Built-in PIN security lock (you’ll need to enter a 4 digit PIN to unlock the Ledger Nano S)

● Ability for seed generation and recovery in case you lose or break your device

Here’s a look at the applications for Chrome.

With Firmware 1.2, there are more features, such as:

“Passphrase support for plausible deniability or seed backup protection (compatible with BIP39)

Alternative duress PIN

Shuffle PIN option

Token & basic contract support (data field) for Ethereum

MyEtherWallet integration on Chrome and Opera without third party extensions

Support for GreenAddress & Greenbits (Android, desktop coming soon)

Litecoin support

Ledger Manager: application & firmware updates”

Source: Ledger Wallet

Here’s a look at some of the supported cryptocurrencies:

For those who want an entry level hardware wallet, Ledger Nano S is a great start. It’s not too expensive, especially if you care about securing your coins. Again, this is an investment, and if you are holding a lot of cryptocurrencies, it only makes sense to spend the money to protect your digital coins.