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Multi-Signature and Options


Some wallets come complete with additional security options, including the ability to turn on the multisignature option. This means that two or more parties must both enter passwords to access an account in order to send those funds anywhere they’d like.

While less often required, ‘multisig’ is mostly utilised when a company is made up of several co-founders or when a husband and wife pair have joint access to the same funds.

Multi-wallets and muiltisig wallets can often be confused, although they should be noted for clarification purposes.


Multi-wallets provide the accessibility that many traders and investors alike require to make their respective processes manageable. Storing dozens of logins in dozens of websites to access dozens of coins or tokens has been a burden for crypto enthusiasts for years.

However, as the market evolves, so does the accessibility that we crave. Jaxx and Exodus are just two of the many evolving multi-wallets, and more emerging every day.

By the end of this DCorp Academy lesson on multi-wallets, you should now feel familiar with some of the most popular wallets that have the capability to hold a multitude of coins and tokens.