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Senno private sale has started! To help promote their sale we feature a course and quiz on our Academy. Doing this quiz now makes you eligible for the coming airdrop (provided you also hold DRPU/S). Once their public sale starts (7th of July) we'll announce more details about the airdrop.

Welcome to DCORP Academy’s analysis of Senno. With the push for artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis for business, the private sector and businesses are looking for a new way to analyze decision making. Due to the popularity of Web 2.0 websites, users are continuously collaborating and interacting and this could continue to grow at an exponential rate. This content could be used for various applications and is highly important to companies and businesses. Ultimately, understanding user-generated content allows companies to comprehend better how consumers think. Moreover, with this data, they could implement crowd knowledge into day-to-day operating decisions.

User-generated content reflects the public opinion and consumer habits. Just by reading what users are writing could give businesses an idea of a consumer’s lifestyle. That said, there is a need for sentiment analysis, but the first sentiment analysis engines were extremely complex and economically inefficient, and only a handful of companies had access to the technology.

Senno is looking to change all that. By leveraging blockchain technology, Senno is developing the first of its kind sentiment analysis platform with an open API for third party apps. Now, it’s looking to revolutionize how the private sector and businesses make decisions, and utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and sentiment analysis in order to develop a real-time crowd wisdom ecosystem, as well as cutting-edge business intelligence analytics.