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The Senno Token Explained

The Senno ecosystem is based on SENNO. SENNO is an open-source cryptographic token and the underlying currency driving Senno’s semantic analytic platform. If you recall, Senno uses NEO blockchain, and therefore, it’s a NEP-5 token, making it more fungible and transferable. There are features allowing users to earn SENNO and use those tokens to pay for services within the ecosystem. For example, they could earn tokens by either doing active work, such as plugin development, or passive work such as sharing data from private channels.

SENNO has multiple use cases within the Senno ecosystem, such as:

  • Rewarding hardware contributors
  • Paying developers who provide sentiment-tailored requested plugins
  • Providing commissions for affiliates that send referrals
  • Fees for the subscription Senno’s crowd wisdom data and API usage
  • Renumeration for providers of network resources and software developers.