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No, DCORP B.V. is a limited liability company. The funds which belong to the tokenholders will be held in accounts that belong to a separate foundation. This structure ensures that the funds cannot be used or transferred without the consent of the majority of the tokenholders as described in the Whitepaper.

"The Supervisory Board (SBo) is a group of seven individuals who:
Represent the token holders by making governance decision and performing management tasks."

"DCORP is a decentralized corporation with the mission to democratize venture capitalism by making it accessible to everyone over the Ethereum blockchain."

"1. Anyone who owns DRPS is considered a token holder.
2. DRPS holders have the ability to influence which projects get supported by DCORP Decentralized."

It is not yet possible or necessary to apply for a cryptocurrency exchange license with the Dutch government but we keep in communication with the government until it's possible to apply for a license

It is improving the quality of code for optimization and maintainability, but without altering the functionality.

We've been doing a lot of refactoring, keeping Solidity (Ethereum's native programming language) up to date and making sure that the apps are safe and perform well in production.

About half of the work can be considered upgrading to 'version 2.0', which enables the blockchain integration and decentralized account management through our hybrid wallet system.

The short answer is no. The interpretation leaves some room for discussion as pre-mining implies that the cryptocurrency is mineable in the first place. However, in general the term pre-mine refers to a distribution process of cryptocurrency that is considered unfair. A certain amount of cryptocurrency would be allocated (or mined) to an address of the developer before allowing others to participate in the network. In the case of DCORP, all tokens were paid for and since DRP tokens are not mined but instead rely on the Ethereum network to do the mining part, no DRP tokens were pre-mined. The tokens that are allocated for the company are generated in three annual events, starting in October 2018. After the first year, 10% of the total supply is created and released to the company. After the second year 5% and finally 2.5% after the third year.

As the team behind DCORP B.V. is largely of Dutch origin, combined with the excellent Dutch IT infrastructure, knowledge and possibilities for informal regulatory oversight, led to the decision
to opt for The Netherlands as the starting base for DCORP HQ.

We created two new tokens to become as compliant as possible with multiple regulations around the world. As DRP was already coded to act as both a utility and a security token, to maintain our entire investor base while protecting everyone; we decided to split the token into two: DRPU and DRPS. This allows for those who reside in heavily mandated regulatory zones to choose which token best fits their needs and comfort. Now as both a separate utility and security token [respectively], our community is not forced to hold something they may not be comfortable with.




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Hosho Contract Audit: Contract Audit (October 2017).pdf
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Note: DRPU DRPS exchange has been disabled per community vote since August 16, 2018

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