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We have no scheduled listings at the current time, but we are reviewing potential prospects. We will communicate further announcements on this via our newsletter and social media channels.

We never give any of the ICO funds to partners. We offer crowdsale software, advisory and access to our network through the academy in exchange for their tokens. The crowdsale software is what really sells at this stage (until the academy matures). DCORP B.V does also charge a fee for setting up the crowdsale software, the fee covers the hours we spend and an external review on the code. Charging a fee also ensures that we're working with companies that are at a certain stage as they are at least able to pay the fee.

2FA will mean that a rule is enabled in your smart-contract hybrid wallet that forces you to sign transactions with your private key. You will become the only person able to do anything with the smart contract. E.g. if you wanted to withdraw tokens with 2FA enabled, you would have to use MetaMask. If 2FA is disabled, DCORP’s smart contracts can relay your transfer requests with your hashed password, and you gain the convenience of not having to deal with everything else.

The Dutch authorities, such as AFM, acknowledge that cryptocurrencies in some cases are not covered by financial or regulatory laws. AFM issued an opinion in which she nonetheless warns for major risks associated with cryptocurrencies. With the Innovation Hub, AFM aims to support mitigation of such risks by informal oversight.

The main reason to split the tokens was to enable listing of DCORP tokens on exchanges. Most exchanges in the US (and several other countries) are not allowed to list securities on their exchanges. The SEC does not allow trading securities without permission of the SEC. Tokens which are not securities, however, can in most cases be traded.

DCORP aims to pay out the net #profits in #Ethers if possible. The exact registration and pay-out procedures will be communicated timely.

$DRPU's have 3 clear Utilities:
1. Qualify for airdrops from DCORP’s token partners
2. Vote on which projects get supported
3. Get a discount on the transaction fee at and at other future projects supported by DCORP
For more see:"

"Governance proposals are divided into two groups:
1. Proposals that can be approved by the Supervisory Board
2. Proposals that need to be approved by the token holders
#DCORP #BULLEX #$DRPS #$DRPU #DecentralizedCapital"

"Funding proposals on DCORP Ventures always need approval from the Token Holders through majority."

"Governance proposals that can be approved by the Supervisory Board include:
Canceling funds
Replacing fund managers
Freezing accounts
Deploying contracts (in order to develop funded projects)
Managing deployed contracts"

"Governance proposals that NEED token holder approval include:
Issuing new tokens
Payment of dividends
Replacing board members
Adjusting voting or funding rules
Changing compensations
Managing deployed contracts"

"The votes of Token Holders are weighted according to the amount of DRPU and DRPS they hold. To be able to vote they also need to fulfil the KYC procedure at and create a Tier 2 account."

"Token holder have to fulfil three requirements:
1. Own DRPU and/ or DRPS
2. Have a Tier 2 account at
3. Successfully finish the relevant course at the DCORP Academy."

Anyone can submit governance and funding proposals! These two categories are then each divided into two different groups and are dealt with separately.

DRPU and DRPS both hold equal voting right. Please keep in mind the 1:2 conversion ratio between DRPS & DRPU.

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Note: DRPU DRPS exchange has been disabled per community vote since August 16, 2018

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