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Why should you invest in Dcorp?


"No amount of DRP has been given away for free, ever. Everyone is buying in, including the founders. We had an ICO cap of 9.5 million euros.
These are unprecedented.
In 3 years time total, the B of D (Board of Directors) will receive 17.5% DRP. So the maximum amount will increase a bit.

It will look like this:
After 1 year from now 10%
After 2 years from now 5%
After 3 years from now 2.5%
The total supply of DRP currently in existence is 8,094,002 + 17.5% = 9,510,452. DRP is not mineable.

Please read the whitepaper for additional information: v0.3.2_EN-revised.pdf"

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Note: DRPU DRPS exchange has been disabled per community vote since August 16, 2018

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