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We are communicating with a 3rd party to support Paypal, Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard local payment gateways on Bullex for Belgium!

The Innovation Hub is a joint initiative of the AFM (the Dutch SEC) and DNB (the Dutch Central Bank)
and provides support on all questions about supervision and regulations relating to innovative financial
products and services including cryptocurrency related products and activities.

The Dutch authorities, such as AFM, acknowledge that cryptocurrencies in some cases are not covered by financial or regulatory laws. AFM issued an opinion in which she nonetheless warns for major risks associated with cryptocurrencies. With the Innovation Hub, AFM aims to support mitigation of such risks by informal oversight.

Our goal is to airdrop 90% of tokens we receive from the Token Partners. Other profits cover DCORP’s operational costs, the rest to the company balance.

With the hybrid platform, we no longer have to manage whitelisted addresses. This will be self-managed within your account.

As soon as possible. When we can list securities ourselves or when someone else is able to list DRPS and re-enabling the converter does not harm token holders more than it benefits them.

The assets that will be listed as part of launch will not be charged a listing fee. Our normal listing fee for new assets will be 25.000 EUR after launch, and don't forget that a portion of this listing fee will be paid in DRPU!

Anyone with a positive balance of DRPU or DRPS and a verified account on is considered a token holder.

Please see pages 5 through 8 of the most recent DCORP Whitepaper.


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Note: DRPU DRPS exchange has been disabled per community vote since August 16, 2018

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