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Smart Wallet

Hi, I have tried several times to initiate a Smart Wallet through the DCORP Smart Wallet link. So far, no go. Any suggestions on how to go about this?

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how many days need to wait for tear 2 verification

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How to sell my DCORP

What are the steps if I would like to sell my DCORP Back to ETH? I shall to convert to to some other coin first? It took some time when I last check the news. Thanks! The "DCORP Token Changer" seems does not work even if login to MetaMask

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CryptoBaseTeam X humanitarian cause

the CryptoBaseTeam has been involved for many months in a lot of airdrop, crypto remunerated work, predictions etc, for a crypto humanitarian project. We will give the accumulated earnings to a charity or to people in need. We will choose the cause...

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