Will Work for Crypto

Users will be able to purchase services using cryptocurrencies. Those registered will be able to offer services, as well as purchase services. Interface will be blockchain based. For example Joe the plumber loves his crypto. Joe is willing to work for X amount of DRPU, ETH etc. Interface will also allow users to find services by location, token of choice for payment, etc. Prices will be negotiated at fair market rate at time of contract, not at time of job completion. Therefore, purchaser and service provider will both agree to x amount of crypto worth x amount of fiat. Services will run across the board, music lessons, foreign language lessons, carpentry, anything you can imagine. Users are able to use crypto to pay for services with out ever going to fiat. Interface would be web based, with apps for IOS/Android as well. We are our own bosses, our own payroll managers, our own employees.

Why do we use it?

Folks like us love our crypto. And this would keep us out of fiat, at least in the services sector. One step closer to digital currency adoption.

Henry Kennedy


  • Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari Admin
    Yasin Mahmutogullari   10 months ago

    https://www.werkspot.nl/ Do you mean something like that? Sounds good if you ask me, but there are already similar ICOs no?

    • H
      Henry Kennedy
      Henry Kennedy   10 months ago

      Similar, but done on the blockchain, and specifically for crypto users. No fiat. Unsure if there are other icos based on this idea, there are so many its hard to keep track of. Thanks for the input!

  • Clarke Horton
    Clarke Horton
    Clarke Horton
    Clarke Horton   10 months ago

    In the service industry, negotiating a price beforehand is impossible due to the inability of the average household owner knowing exactly what the issue is they are experiencing. If their sink doesn't work it could be a simple matter of tightening a bolt, but it could also be that their entire piping system needs to be redone. These two jobs have very different prices.

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