Solar Farm

Buy a plot of land in Africa and create a solar farm.



  • Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari Admin
    Yasin Mahmutogullari   7 months ago

    Hello Sasha, In what way is this connected to the blockchain? What will it hange which the current solar farms arnt able to achieve? Please provide more details.

    • V
      Vernon   7 months ago

      I'm not Sasha, but I can offer some quick bullet-point input. * Blockchain Connection: There are several coins out now which allow one to buy and sell kWhs as cryptocurrency (the major players being Power Ledger, Grid+ and I believe Faraday). Others will follow. There will likely be a huge market for sold energy in the near future. * Energy: If we run our own power plant (effectively) we could have an internal energy ecosystem -- for other companies run by dCorp (to reduce their costs) or for dcorp holders at a significantly reduced price (or for DRPUs ?) * Operating Costs: would be lower in a less developed nation. Hiring locals here would be less costly than doing the same in the heart of Denmark. * Humanitarian Angle: Helping a developing nation would be a good look in the social arena. I personally would love an accessible source of reduced energy to make individual mining more profitable.

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