Solar Farm

Buy a plot of land in Africa and create a solar farm.



  • Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari Admin
    Yasin Mahmutogullari   10 months ago

    Hello Sasha, In what way is this connected to the blockchain? What will it hange which the current solar farms arnt able to achieve? Please provide more details.

    • V
      Vernon   10 months ago

      I'm not Sasha, but I can offer some quick bullet-point input. * Blockchain Connection: There are several coins out now which allow one to buy and sell kWhs as cryptocurrency (the major players being Power Ledger, Grid+ and I believe Faraday). Others will follow. There will likely be a huge market for sold energy in the near future. * Energy: If we run our own power plant (effectively) we could have an internal energy ecosystem -- for other companies run by dCorp (to reduce their costs) or for dcorp holders at a significantly reduced price (or for DRPUs ?) * Operating Costs: would be lower in a less developed nation. Hiring locals here would be less costly than doing the same in the heart of Denmark. * Humanitarian Angle: Helping a developing nation would be a good look in the social arena. I personally would love an accessible source of reduced energy to make individual mining more profitable.

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