AuthentaScripts is a Decentralized pharmaceutical drug pricing platform. It allows users to negotiate the out of pocket cost for prescription medications with local pharmacies based on what they can afford to pay for the drug. Essentially it puts pharmacies in competition for the patients business and makes drug prices transparent and no longer centralized under one pricing strategy. The platform and mobile applications are already built. The concept is also patent pending. The only piece that's lacking would be to develop and integrate the smart contract concept within.

Charles Stephenson


  • Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari
    Yasin Mahmutogullari Admin
    Yasin Mahmutogullari   10 months ago

    Charles, what role should Dcorp fulfill? Could you please elaborate?

    • C
      Charles Stephenson
      Charles Stephenson   10 months ago

      Dcorp would be the backing of the development of the smart contracts, marketing and advertising. Very low monetary proposition at this stage;but having a platform like Dcorp backing the concept builds in a level of trust.

  • V
    Vernon   10 months ago

    I like the idea of decentralizing Pharmaceuticals in general. Insurance Companies and Drug Manufacturers are making a killing with highly overpriced drugs in america for sure. Removing the control from those entities would reduce prices greatly benefit the people that struggle to afford their medications.

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