Arbitrage in Cryptocurrencies fund

Create an arbitrage in Cryptocurrencies fund.


1. Cryptocurrencies are still a incredible immature market

2. Volatility is high

3. There are numerous exchanges

There is a lot of room for arbitrage provided that we have excellent software combined with excellent trader(s). THis because it is a highly competitive market which will only get more competititve.

Also for this fund I would like to suggest the following:

Use the QUARTERLY profits as follows:

- 50% of the quarterly profits will remain in the fund - until voted otherwise

- 25% of the quarterly profits will be divided over DRPS holders

- 25% of the quarterly profits will go to DCORP organisation in order to start new projects

- if there is now profit over the quarterly, there will be no dividend or money for DCORP organisation

This is just a first idea and obviously needs some extra attention...



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