ICO Investment Pools

High Level Goal


Offer legally compliant ICO participation services for KYC’d DRP holders.



I like investing in ICOs, as they have immense growth potential. That, combined with the knowledge of the DCorp crowd presents a great opportunity to our members.

However, my country of origin and non-accredited investor status often precludes me from participating. The laws are in place to protect us, but sometimes it feels they serve to restrict us as well.

Through pooling resources, and using DCorp as an intermediary, we can enable DCorp members to participate in crowdsales.

Bullet Point **Options** (we pick one or more)


ICO Investment Pool: Immediate (Safe ICOs)

+ DCorp issues tokens immediately to participants’ respective ethereum addresses

ICO Investment Pool: Delayed (Potential Security ICOs)

+ DCORP holds ICO tokens on behalf of members until mainnet launch

+ Upon launch DCORP then issues the tokens to participants

ICO Investment Pool: Proxy / Broker (Definite Security ICOs)

+ DCorp holds coins, members may place orders through a DCorp interface

+ Hold and Sell are the only orders permitted in this manner

Verify “Sufficient Education”

+ A user completes a multiple choice test of questions designed to test the user’s understanding of investment risks, and cryptocurrencies.

+ (This is very similar to the process required to create a brokerage account)

Why do we use it?

+ Crowdpooling may allow us to partake in more optimal pre-sales, increasing profitability
+ DCorp as an entity will take some portion of the tokens received as profit
+ Perhaps DCorp members can spend DRPU can be spent to receive full bonus tokens
+ By providing an exclusive service to DCORP, we increase the value of our coin



  • S
    Suman Regmi
    Suman Regmi   10 months ago

    This sounds like a good idea. We also need to elaborate on few other things: For those DRP holders who cannot participate, it is a great option. So what are the benefits for those DRP holders who are already eligible to participate in ICO. I think DRP should have a "fee" or some sort mechanism so that by having this "feature" available the owners of DRP are also rewarded. This way I believe this idea would bring "goods" to all DRP holders while providing great value those holders with restricted access.

  • Ashley Stuart
    Ashley Stuart
    Ashley Stuart
    Ashley Stuart   9 months ago

    Apologies!! I sent same idea way after you, I missed this one as I looked through ideas!!! It's getting my vote, in light of this i wonder is there a way to pull off proposed duplicate ideas....

  • J
    Jess Larson
    Jess Larson   7 months ago

    IGNITE Ratings is trying to do something like this. Might be a good idea.

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