watch every location live on a map

problem: we have insufficient infrastructure to cover areas under surveillance at large scale.

Solution: all have different types of mobile activity all the time like a journey or visiting a specific route or a place. we can make a geo-live video sharing dapp on which everyone can share live video during their visit or journey to different routes or places by just click "geo-live" on dapp and hold-on their device on specially made device-holders for all types of automobiles and even for a person excluding any type of disturbance during their journey or visit.

by integrating these videos geologically we can enable people to access live-telecast of locations at very large scale.

every shared video may get incentives based on a distance covered v/s time generated algorithm.

update: i just initiate a basic idea and there will be lot of different ideas about mobile surveillance system. you can think better than me. so please come up to this idea and enhance this idea to a new level and please think once surely and give suggestions and make this project successful.

all are appreciated and most welcomed.

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Why do we use it?

it will be very interesting if we can enable to see everything live on a map.
that is amazing think to search a location and then watching live everything and even we can watch what is going on our favorite market, how rush is in my mall, traffics on roads, watching this type of live scenes gets exciting.

rajnish kumar


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