Decentralizing Auto Repair

High Level Goal


Utilize IoT and the blockchain to remove the stress and ambiguity from the car repair process



Many of us own motor vehicles and inevitably at some point dread that we will someday have to take it in for repairs. Without in-depth experience it is hard to know what is wrong, and even then you run the risk of being taken advantage of by a mechanic once your car is in their shop.



Combine the two technologies:

* Engie ( - An electronic device that performs eDiagnostics on a wide range of modern cars

* YourMechanic ( - Uber for auto mechanics

To create a downloadable phone app which enables a user to:

* Submit their diagnostics to _all_ mechanics within proximity

* Receive repair estimates without leaving the comfort of your car

* Select a bidder, and either deliver their vehicle or schedule a pickup

Why the Blockchain?


Car data will be periodically uploaded to the blockchain. Users don’t need to communicate the car’s issues in person, or travel to the mechanic to properly assess.

Mechanics will be inclined to offer best estimations given the increased competition with other local mechanics also on the network.

Accurate, inexpensive, honest mechanics will receive better reviews. This increases trust levels with present and future customers.

Customers will not be able to easily give bad reviews, since car data will be uploaded before and after maintenance is performed, and inaccurate reviews hurt their future credibility



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