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What is DeckSwap?


DeckSwap was an ICO that wanted to decentralize the card game meta away from digital card game sites (Hearthstone, Gwent, etc.) which took profits for themselves, and into the hands of top players who give exclusive access to their new "OP" decks. There is a clear market here with the client (normal players looking to win more) and a vendor (pro players that want to profit on their new decks).

You said "was"?


DeckSwap failed to reach the minimum for its ICO, and refunded its investors. I feel this is because it failed at marketing itself. Here are some opportunities that could be tackled to increase buy-in:

* Recruiting top players (twitch streamers) **exclusively** to the platform

* Creating a more impressive website, whitepaper, coin logo, catchier name, etc.

* Getting a copy of the Beta and prototyping/creating better art/ux for it

* Possibly throwing more developers at the project

This idea is less of a development project and more of a "flip". Most of the bullets above -- with the exception of development -- are fairly straightforward tasks.



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