WarmLife - Free Home Heat, for Life.

WarmLife offers a novel heating solution - free home heating for life, using blockchain tokens for revenue distribution and payment of services at discount.

Heating systems use about 40% of the fossil fuel energy with a very poor conversion rate, pollution problems, high monetary cost and insecurity of supply. All these problems can be solved and more through a proven, and fairly simple, technology. It is not possible to mass-produce complete units (though parts of them will be); therefore no large company has developed the system. It is possible create an easily customizable (this turns out to be necessary system to provide all home needs for a one-time installation with a surprisingly reasonable cost. The system requires zero maintenance, produces no pollution, costs nothing to operate, is 100% sustainable, needs no additional fuel, is totally secure from external events, increases property value, and is stable. Profit margins on the system when priced versus competitive products (heat pumps, for example) are excellent - at least 40% in a worst case, and up to 70% for larger, ‘premium’ installs.

The system combines a solar collector with an in-ground storage battery for heat. The earth itself holds the heat. The system is proven in a number of applications and very cold climates. It is highly adaptable, customizable to different locations, and straightforward to install.

We intend to combine the business plan (a decentralized franchise) with blockchain technology. Several possible coins - Cardano, Raiblocks, Iota, ETH and ARK - all web 3 currency systems - are best suited for this part. Issuing an ico creates a number of upsides covered in the section - WARM - the coin.

A significant aspect of our funding structure is the protection of customer funds. We have created a unique buyback structure, post-ico, that will reimburse seed funders for 50-100% of their initial investment immediately after the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) while leaving them with most of their coins for investment growth. This will leverage seed funding into the major funding and simultaneously provide an unprecedented level of capital protection for seed funders. See the coin section for details.

For interested parties - We have a fully developed white paper explaining the whole concept. If you are interested, PM me or ding me here for a copy.

Why do we use it?

There are a few fundamental needs to survive - air, heat, water, sleep, food and shelter. Lack of air causes death in a few minutes. But lack of heat kills quicker than lack of water. A person can freeze in a few hours. Heat is essential to life, and we’re not doing a the best job of providing it.
We are Warmlife. We provide FREE HOME HEAT - FOR LIFE. It’s completely renewable, storable, safe, convenient, maintenance free, and fail proof. By combining this novel restructuring of applied technology with the incredible technology of blockchain, we can create a new business structure without the drag and constraints of previous ones. We can make a better world in many ways - and make a lot of money doing it.
We want to bring blockchain offline so to speak, and utilize its incredible potential in real-world applications. Such a step is necessary if blockchain technology is to really make fundamental changes to the world.

Kelly Mitchell


  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart   8 months ago

    I'm sorry, but if you don't explain the technology behind the heating unit at all, it's impossible to assess the potential of this idea. Unless the heating unit is a proven technology, tested on a large scale, and requires blockchain in order to function, it's un likely to be embraced by the blockchain community. Power metering on the blockchain already exists, so I do not recognize how this is different in application from ideas that are already being implemented.

    • K
      Kelly Mitchell
      Kelly Mitchell   8 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Scott. I gave it brief explanation in the text, but probably did need more. It's actually very simple. Solar collectors - like a CanSolair - collect hot air and force it through underground pipes which heat up the ground. The ground is insulated and waterproofed to retain heat. It's been proved at Drake's Landing, a 50 unit community in Ontario. I don't agree that it requires blockchain to be embraced by the blockchain community - that would forever relegate blockchain to a few industries. But people like the benefits of accounting, transparency, auditing, payment structures and investor equality it brings to other industries. If the block chain community fails to embrace real-world applications using blockchain, then it will always be a minor componenent in business. It has the power to transcend that, however. It can be embraced if the plan uses blockchain to strengthen the business. In this case, we remove the auditors, payment systems, and transfer legal protections, franchise royalties and contracts to the blockchain.

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