Early Retirement Fund

This is a DApp used to contribute regularly and voluntarily out of participants' real income or crypto income into a pool used to invest into Crypto markets for profit. Participants will vote for a list of assets recommended by others to buy into, hold or sell off.

This operation will help our members to retire as soon as a certain goal reached for that individual whether he or she is 15 or 50 within this organization. Use DRPU or create a crowd-sale funding for this project by creating another coin.

A cash out solution is coming after as a need for this project

Why do we use it?

As working in reality create less and less purchasing power individually, we need something to create faster cash by empowering pool investing.

Thong Xuan Nguyen


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    Trenton B.
    Trenton B.   8 months ago

    I like this idea if only for the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I envision its end result in my life...

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