Lunar regolith functional printer

Printing with lunar regolith or “moon dust” is a proven process and will result in a high profitability when applied correctly. The concept is more than reasonable with 1980s technology but with the lessons learned from our missions to the moon as well as our engineering achievements in space probe landing and mobility the only thing needed to open up this lucrative supply chain to space and defense industries is the proper application of the tech and funding. In the machines downtime the production of chassis pieces for leasable nuclear or solar powered thruster attachments would give the shareholders and their children a strong financial foundation for the future.

Why do we use it?

This project is one with very easily achieved and highly visible goals every step of the way. The returns alone should not be the only incentive, but knowing that you are giving our children a brighter future and laying the universe at their feet should also help a little.. this is the project the blockchain was built for.. the press alone would draw in a large amount of public funds

William Marshall
William Marshall
William Marshall


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    nemenge   8 months ago

    The new rocket technology from elon musk could make mining lunar dust economically viable. However, I think the earliest my children will benefit from it

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