Luxury product tracking thanks to blockchain

Imagine having a luxury watch that only exists once in the world!

How do you know that this watch really exists once in the world? The answer is: Blockchain! What if we release a token that only exist once, a total supply of 1. This ETH-based token is linked to a luxury product and can be sold on an specific exchange or website. the buyer gets the luxury watch and an owner's certificate (token). No more plagiarism! If you don't own the token, you don't own the product. If anybody tries to sell a copy the buyer can check it on the blockchain. It is just a sketched idea but what do you think about it?

Why do we use it?

For marketing purposes. We need to be more creative in order to reach top 100. Luxury product tracking could give use a great boost! News magazines are waiting for innovative blockchain ideas. Just imagine this headline "First Blockchain Product Tracking" "Innovation in Blockchain by DCORP" "Blockchain gives birth to Blockchain". Excuse my bad English I am not a native speaker.

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Tarik Gönen


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