Airdrop 100 ETH->DRPU


-DCORP is about to launch the new Venture Capital platform and the Academy

-The marketing mix will include typical mediums: articles, whitepaper, events, social media, paid ads, etc.

Proposal to enrich the marketing mix

-Buy total 100 ETH worth of DRPU from the market using DCORP funds in 10 days

-Distribute the bought DRPU via airdrop to carefully targeted ETH addresses

Rationale is to create value for token holders immediately and long term

-Buying the DRPU from the market makes the price to go up, enough to get noticed during academy launch

-Publicizing an airdrop attracts a lot of people

-When you see a token in your wallet, you check what it is, or want to sell it, generating volumes / interest

Why do we use it?

Click on this dark browser logo up here to open the short pdf that explains the idea.



  • M
    Muhammad Naveed Khan
    Muhammad Naveed Khan   7 months ago

    Good program

  • Z
    zimmah   7 months ago

    The airdropped tokens will likely immediately get dumped though.

  • cryptomog
    cryptomog   7 months ago

    Airdrop is a free loss of value. "Your coin is so worthless you give it away for free?"

  • D
    dlb_crypto   7 months ago

    would match rather use funds to buy into a decent exchange

  • K
    Kim Jensen
    Kim Jensen   7 months ago

    I understand you thoughts and agree with you that airdrop is smart, but only for new coins when they are created to create attention on a project. But given Dcorp's positon at the moment, the money would be better spend on a better exchange, would create even more attention or simply just marketing.

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