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Virtual Real Estate - A Seamless Process For Customers Available On Any Browser.

I'm an artist, crypto enthusiast, and a DRP holder looking to make a living doing what I love, and as my work has progressed I've planned on moving into the virtual world. Nearly every virtual atmosphere has some type of "in-game" currency.

I propose the idea to create virtual art galleries and stores where original art, videos, virtual reality work, etc. can be easily displayed for anyone to see and uploaded by the users. Each piece within the owner constructed virtual gallery or store could be for sale to download or used for entertainment purposes. Curation rewards would be similar to decentralized social platforms, and microtips would be a huge advantage for users.

At the same time we would strive to give the individual artists the ability to express themselves by making a fully customized experience in 2D, 3d, VR, AR, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Why do we use it?

Nearly every platform in the future will need a place where people can experience, not only look, at what they're buying or looking at. In an ever growing virtual world, people will not only want options for virtual real estate, but they will also want to customize it and make it unique.

This will create value for DRP holders and will allow us to have an early step into the market. It will inspire young people, especially students, to work with our decentralized corporation, and allow for growth for all DCORP holders. If DRP (or another token backed by DRP) were to be utilized within the specific program, it could also bring value to active holders through tips, curation-rewards, and time given.

I'll include two links for informational purpose only. I don't represent the following companies but I do believe them to be amazing ideas that we can learn from.

Sean R Layton
Sean R Layton
Sean R Layton


  • T
    Travis   7 months ago

    I believe this is a great idea. I have been thinking about this ever since I got into Crypto. I feel like a market for original work that is completely decentralized would be an amazing thing.

  • Sean R Layton
    Sean R Layton
    Sean R Layton
    Sean R Layton   7 months ago

    I've been working with recently. They are already in Alpha phase working out bugs, and everything is going in the right direction. If they were given some type of direction on setting up virtual reality crypto, it could be a huge asset. They will be paying around 2.5% to a bank on every transaction (or something like that). I believe cryptocurrency would be right in line with our vision, they just need a company to help them get into the niche. The game is being built on a top-end gaming platform called Unreal Engine 4.

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