This method is a new way of investing capitals in the Crypto Market based on 'leverage'.

It's similar to the 'leverage' concept with some different solutions which grant:

- for the 'fronter': a possible 'capital refunding' (in different percentages, up to 80%) of lost invested capital in case of adverse event;

- for the bank/Dcorp (specifically if the above happens) a possible further gain of around 4% for each transaction;

This method is based on an ‘investment sharing’ concept, where Investor and Bank (Dcorp) act together to purchase a single cryptocurrency.

Here some differences compared to the 'leverage' instrument:

- the Investor has the possibility to own just a percentage of the value (at that time) of a token, thus reducing the risk in case the trend of that token should go the opposite.

- should the price of the token go to the right way, whenever the Investor decides, it may complete the ownership of that share by paying the remaining percentage at the same price of his first stake.

- the method uses the same ‘stop loss’ mechanism already applied in the ‘leverage’ products

Should you find of interest the idea and worth of a deeper understanding, I would be pleased to send you a document better explaining the product.

Thank you

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