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Staged release of funds


We need some safeguards included to ensure funds are used wisely and targets are achieved in a reasonable timeframe. The fairest way that I can see to do this is to have a staged release of funds as certain targets are met. Basic realistically achievable targets. A clause to allow a vote for emergency funds or a change of a target etc would be needed.

Why do we want this?

As an example
Stage 1 40% of VC funds are released upon the initial vote to be used for current operational costs and to fund the initial launch of Bullex and this should offer a bit buffer for unanticipated expenses in the short term.

Stage 2 Once Bullex has been launched and the marketing campaign has been successfully running for one month 20% will be released.

Stage 3 When Bullex has achieves 10,000 active users a further 30% is released.

Stage 4 The final 10% is released upon community vote held at any point after stage two. This is held as an emergency fund or can be tapped into to pay back loans when Bullex breaks even.

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