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A way to continue DCORP but allow some to exit.


If the vote to dissolve DCORP succeeds but there is also enough support from 'continue' voters for DCORP to be viable, then allow those wanting to exit to do so but continue DCORP with remaining support.
For this to work fairly, the payback value would need to be calculated in the same way as in the proposal to dissolve DCORP and those wishing to exit could then do so by sending their tokens to a contract that returns the ETH due to them and then burns their tokens. This would ensure remaining parties positions are not deflated or inflated.
It would also be dependant on enough support from 'continue' voters actually deciding not to cash-in. If too many did, then the remaining support would also automatically be due their ETH back.

Why do we want this?

It would be a shame for those interested in continuing DCORP, not to be able to do so if those wishing to leave can leave as well.

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