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Create an ETF Based Fund with voting by community


USE 20% of the acquired funds to create an ETF like portfolio for at least the upcoming 2 years.

Since we won't be needing at least a significant part of the money instantly, I think it is best to have it well invested for a longer period of time in crypto's we all approve off most. If all goes well, this could also become a firm base for the future asset position, and insurance that we remain able to invest in new projects yearly.

Suggested specs of the fund:
- 20 crypto's voted upon by the community
- Before crypto can be nominated to be voted upon, the crypto needs to meet certain requirements, for instance:
- Market cap of minimum 20 mln
- At least tradeable at 3 exchanges
- Daily volume of at least 1 mln
- bi-monthly rebalancing to roughly 5% of the fund
- bi-monthly adding and removing 2 crypto's - Community decides which ones by voting

Furthermore I would like to suggest to use the YEARLY profits as follows:
- 50% of the yearly profits will remain in the fund - until voted otherwise
- 25% of the yearly profits will be divided over DRPS holders
- 25% of the yearly profits will go to DCORP organisation in order to start new projects
- if there is now profit over the year, there will be no dividend or money for DCORP organisation

This is just a first idea and obviously needs some extra attention...

But I am more than willing to help, this should be something which is easy to realize.

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