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invest in mining/staking


With more and more platforms adapting to PoS technology (soon including Ethereum), opportunities arise which could easily be combined with ETF activities.
Very bluntly put:
* scout out the right platforms with masternode/PoS (Neo, Ark, Qtum, Nem etc.)
* Hold enough to get decent stake turnover / to obtain a masternode
* Assign a manager to make sure everything is running smoothly
* Coordinate with whoever is running the ETF / long term holdings / trade baskets when to buy or sell

eventhough this field has been somewhat saturated by now, when the scale is right there is still a lot to be gained from mining. especially in areas where energy costs are low, a large scale alt coin farm can be quite lucrative.
Blunt version:
* find property for purchase near cheap energy (META: combine this with the solar farm idea??)
* invest in mining equipment
* assign a team for maintenance
* scout out the right coins to mine
* mine

Profit distribution for both projects:
Reinvest 50% in PoS / Equipment
Move 25% to general fund
Distribute 25% as dividends

Why do we want this?

If we do believe crypto is here to stay then investing in running the network is a pretty safe bet. historical data suggests mining equipment recoups its costs in under half a year when done right. as a stand alone project this is probably not the biggest money maker out there, but it is a reasonably predictable market generating passive income. when combined with other projects which involve daytrading or long term holding, this could end up being a strong core project to develop over the years.

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