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Partnership With Blocklancer


"Blocklancer is revolutionizing the freelancing industry for both the freelancer and the customer, focusing on providing drastically increased levels of reliability. The future of freelancing resides on the blockchain; welcome to the next generation."

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Alright, so Blocklancer currently has a live ICO in which 4,000/10,000 ETH is raised. They still have bonus tiers that are based on the amount of capital raised too. The LNC token is a revenue-share token in which 100% of platform revenue is shared when Tokenholders participate in The Tokenholder Tribunal in the dispute resolution process. Holding LNC will also provide users, freelancers and business owners, with access to premium features developed by the platform.

They released the closed Alpha in September right after closing the pre-ICO which was launched Sep. 7th, and ended Sep. 10th, 2017 with 1,000 ETH raised. The open Beta was launched on the Ethereum Testnet shortly before launching their main ICO crowdsale on January 16th, 2018. The crowdsale will run until Feb. 28th or 10,000 ETH is raised. I overheard in their Telegram channel they may extend the crowdsale for a duration of time if they don't reach max cap.

I've participated in the pre-sale myself and have read the WP - their Founder, Michael Kaiser, has 550+ Github submissions and the link to his Github is on his picture on their website. Will list applicable links below so that anybody reading this can research the project too.

The idea here is that since Blocklancer is a freelance platform being built on the blockchain, this becomes a perfect project for DCorp to partner with or invest in because DCorp will be able to leverage the platform itself while also providing the platform partnership as a selling point for other VC firms to partner with DCorp moving forward.

Starbase - this will be it's own ICO network where non-technical startups can launch their projects, easily issuing a token to backers in the process. Blocklancer will be a go-to for their ecosystem.
Ties.DB/Ties.Network - IPFS, allows the platform to more easily scale.
MicroMoney - banking for the unbanked, allowing the unbanked to earn cryptocurrency on a distributed, autonomous job-marketplace (DAJ) that Blocklancer is.

Aside from that, they just had a Forbes 30 Under 30 join the team as a CMO, Christopher Obereder, who was also a part of the NagaCoin and crowdsales. Blocklancer's Founding team has two programmers - Michael, their CEO and Kevin, their CIO. I also see Blocklancer as being a platform that DCorp can utilize to help funded projects find skilled labor while paying them in Ether, which is probably what DCorp uses to invest in other projects. Since Blocklancer will be focusing heavily on ICO projects and technical freelancers, the platform will be a go-to for the blockchain community to find skilled labor.

Very curious to hear thoughts on the idea. This project seems like one of those easy 10x post-ICO projects.

Why do we want this?

More info above, but in short:
- Partnership
- In order to leverage to find high-skilled, more crypto/blockchain-savvy freelancers for projects within the DCorp ecosystem
- More easily leverage their partnership with Starbase to gain access to more deals before they go live, but deals that already using Starbase as a support platform to raise public funds on. Think of Starbase as Kickstarter while DCorp is more synonymous with or, accredited/private investor startup funding platforms.
- Revenue token - 100% of platform fees are shared with LNC Tokenholders. If DCorp is investing in projects and aiming for an ROI, investing in and then partnering with a platform like Blocklancer can provide a substantial stream of revenue as a diversified position for DCorp.
- Premium features for DCorp-backed projects - projects that DCorp and partners invest in will have a lot LNC tokens which will provide access to premium features. Having these tokens will allow DCorp to provide projects with greater features on the platform.
- Dispute resolution leverage - if there are dispute resolutions between DCorp-funded projects and a freelancer on the platform, DCorp can leverage the tokens they hold within a dispute resolution process on the Blocklancer platform to use LNC as votes toward the project being 'in the right' during that Tokenholder voting process.

Invest to own future revenue stream.
Partner to increase value of tokens held, both the per-unit price and amount of revenue-shared by strengthening the exposure of the platform through DCorp's network.

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