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Make a coin to save receipts from being printed


Was thinking about a coin that would integrate with smartwatches and phones that would allow people to scan their phone, watch, or even a static tag when checking out at a register to prevent receipts from being printed. That is how the currency is "mined", by preventing receipts from being printed. The receipts would be stored on each person's individual blockchain, encrypted. I also thought about having so that you could pay with your smartwatch or phone too. Maybe have 3 different levels of security on 3 different linked wallets: Smartwatch wallet is the lowest encryption, also the one you would keep the least amount in. Phone wallet is the next most secure, and finally a web wallet or desktop wallet as the vault. So people could load their smartwatch with like $5 for their daily coffee or whatever and pay without even having to get out their phone or wallet. If they need more in the smartwatch wallet, they could transfer from the other two linked ones at any time. Once the concept is proven (incentivizing saving the Earth a little bit at a time), it could be expanded to other green activities, such as recycling or ride-sharing. Although exact metrics would be left to the proposal, I was thinking about having some of the initial supply airdropped to DCORP holders for supporting it.

The drawbacks I see are how to convince stores to get down with this idea. I think with NFC payment systems already installed in many places, there wouldn't be a need for more custom hardware.

Why do we want this?

This wouldn't be too terribly hard to implement, and it would get a strong project under the belt of DCORP, getting our name out there and legitimizing us

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