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Mobile Poker Games With Real Money .


I was thinking about gathering a team and start to work on this project. Lets check if people here are interested.. Im purposing Poker games like Texas Holdem plus other poker games. To be available on IOS Android window pc and Mac Desktop Client. Game is played with Integrated crypto coin where winner can cash out from exchange. Have option to play with friends to create your own private group. And play with anyone around the world in random. And App should have bigger tournaments for top players. Game should be transparent with Acceptable fees and fair chance to win. Plus few other function I ave in mind..

Why do we want this?

Why we should do it.. There are so may game people play everyday with money..Even this poker. Player have to buy the fake money with their hard earn cash thru app-store or google play store, and if they win its amount to nothing.. they cant cash out. so people are paying millions in real money to get fake money 100% profit going to developers.. Why not buy real money to play game and if u win u can cash out real money. (we could create our own coin to play with or integrated existing coin too or game could have fix rate chips with integrated exchange to buy with any digital currency or with play store. (WITH FIX RATE CHIPS PEOPLE COULD BUY OTHER CRYPTO CURRENCY WITH THESE CHIPS MAKE EASIER TO GET CRYPTO WITH FIAT IF WE CAN HAVE DIGITAL GIFT CARD SOLD ONLINE OR IN STORE TO REDEEM IN APP. I don't have enough cash in hand to start alone my self. I been home working on this for while now.. I need motivation and money. So i'm sharing with you guys to get feedback..

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