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Outsourced Customer Support for Crypto Exchanges


With Dcorp’s imminent exchange launch a new opportunity to utilize Dcorp's blockchain education capability presents itself .

This exchange will require customer service representatives. With its foundations in training and education expertise, and now with a Live exchange demanding satisfaction of support tickets, Dcorp can produce volumes of trained CSRs with hands on live exchange experience.

The opportunity: Unresolved support ticket numbers across the crypto exchange space are at unprecedented levels. These exchange's attempts to hire enough CSRs have not met demand. This failure is negatively affecting capital inflow to these companies, and their reputations.

Why do we want this?

Trading platforms in the CFD / Binary space already utilize outsourced CSR teams without security breach issues eg. SD Services (physical offices on Malta ) - Following this same model DCORP can be the outsourced CSR provider of choice within the crypto exchange space.

Each subcontracted CSR agent can realistically net $20k for DCORP annually.

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