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Trust Digital Wellness by light Liquid Contracts.


Trust by establishing a payment distribution system through a smart contract that issues the corresponding payments to each of the parties involved in the supply chain, immediately and directly when the sale of a product is validated.
For example, in a supermarket supply chain and sales system.
When the QR reader establishes the sale to the customer, start the Smart contract and make the payments to each of the parties in the supply chain process.
The distribution is made directly and individually, according to the stipulations of the smartcontract, making de payment product by product to all the participants, without accumulation of the flow at light speed.

For example, if the customer pays for:
-One Tomato.
-One Chile Picoso.
- One onion.
-One bottle of water.
When the payment is clarified an establish on the blockchain, the contract sent each payment to the wallet account of all party involved:

-Farmer producer of Tomatoes.

-Transportation and logistics.

-Payment of the rent that corresponds to space used inside the store for total time the product was in storage before being sold.

-Payment corresponding to supermarket workers involved in the process

- Tax Payments

Payment for utilization of computer systems, energy, and Blockchain and advertising the product.

At the end Pay to the owners of the smart contract. (Supermarket)
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Why do we want this?

I would like to work on this idea because the greater the economic liquidity, the possibility of investment grows. especially in a market structured by smart contracts.

In Latin America and a large part of the world, people do not have access to bank accounts or credits, but they do have a cell phone, social networks and a camera to generate a digital identification.
so today, more than anything, there is a real possibility of covering the need for capital with a reliable return.

if a smart contract establishes that the payment to the producer or the logistic system will be at the moment in which the reader of the code certifies the sale. That company or person who receive the payment can be financed with certainty of payment just by link the wallet to an other smart contract.

Let's turn companies into small blocks whit smart contract building wellness and confidence.



Best regards

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