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Moxy One - Rebrand project


The situation:

- The Moxy One team have fallen silent after their failure to reach their soft cap in ICO phase.

- DCORP stakeholders are disappointed due to loss of Academy Partnership based Moxy One reward.


The opportunity:

- A significant portion of DCORP stakeholders have detailed knowledge of their product offer

- A significant amount of work has been completed on the Moxy One end towards product launch.


The project

- To reach out and to help rejuvenate the Moxy One project for launch under a new name, potentially an integrated Crypto Debit card for use with our new Bullex exchange.

Why do we want this?

Much of our decentralised community's time and effort has been invested into the Moxy One project - We would like to see return on that investment in spite of their failure to reach soft cap.

Dangers: The project may be in significant debt due to the reimbursement of ICO investments, and work not yet paid for in relation to the ICO - Would ideally like to act on a clean slate.

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