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Tunneloop is a Theoretical Piece of Software and Blockchain Network Development, a Whistle Blowing Interface that would allow the user to visually create dialogue over visited URLS without infringeing on websites themselves, it would serve as a tool to creat transpency on the IoT protecting its users while creating a hive-like real-time communications line overlaying the originial net.

A blank canvas, empty at first, a "lobby" which would act as a layer on-top
of existing web pages. A new lens to view the web, a social media network , a way internet
surfers could leave their unfiltered expressions, in text, and possibly mixed media.
TunnelLoop would initially take the form of a Chrome/Firefox extension that would index any of
the URL links visited, and create a separate server-side overlay page with aspirations to
eventually develop into its own dedicated browser.
The page would be a stored in a secure dedicated private server, with all information securely
encrypted. The page would be clear, envisioned in the resemblance of a plastic screen protector,
which could be edited by whoever visited the page who has the extension installed, similar to a
whiteboard. Users would use this software to leave comments and expressions on anything from
news articles to social networking sites with an interface sporting tools to the left and right like

In the most simplistic way it would be way to graffiti on any web-page, without actually
changing the code of the site itself. TunnelLoop would essentially be a blacklight for the internet,
It could also serve to fulfill a natural whistleblowing and bullshit call-out service to protect
internet users not only from questionable sources but anything from scam artists to predators
A simplified version of TunneLoop or Ethnet, possibly an early alpha development model, which I would
like to call HIVEWIRE, would be an RSS based community. With the application enabled, every
website visited would have its own separate RSS feed, with users able to add their own text and
see what others have left to say with a “Top 100" list showing the most popularly scribbled on
pages, similar to reddit.
In a more complex form, TunnelLoop could be a way to unleash the raw voice of the people, as
well as an interesting way of documenting the internet habits of users in-app, an secondary
feature that users could easily opt-out of.
The true possibilities of this technology quickly become realized in a virtual reality setting, as
this software could become the cornerstone of an INTERNET 3.0. A more organic and
dynamic way of communicating with the internet. In this scenario, naturally, most other social
networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram would evolve to
become smaller components of the Tunneloop.
Based on its potential sheer ease of use, access and applicability, Tunneloop could become the
torchbearer in this enlightenment age of "social" social networking.
It is important that as the internet becomes more decentralized, the users, the public, the people,
have a way to make their voices heard, over the severely sugar-coated and censored version of
the internet that we have today. A tool for humanity to keep the voice of the people readily
available and at the people’s fingertips.
I will reiterate that this software could start off as a simple Firefox extension and grow into its
own browser, client, and possibly an entire OS eventually, but that’s another project.
It’s also important that we have a clear way of monitoring the public voice across all platforms
of the internet. This itself could be avoided with the click of a button after installation, or to optout
of installing it altogether, for those who would not want to take part in the commentary
TunnelLoop could possibly programmed in python and mysql as I have been advised that would
be two good options, with the navigation systems being primarily javascript. Personally I don’t
know any languages but I have a very keen mind towards natural mathematics, patterns systems,
trends, sociology, hermetics, mysticism.
Let my words sit in, and think about it. This tool will be created and popularized eventually in an
increasingly mobile and connected world. Lets do it now before something similar is created
with hidden malicious intents, or by a developer whose monetary profits are their only motif.
Just think of the millions of websites on the internet and the millions of beneficial uses a
program like this would have. I have also thought of the negative connotations that could arise
from something this, and most of them can be avoided with fair and open policy.
It’s important that dialogue is formed about the implications and possible restrictions of any
programs like this as we are now quickly moving into the new age.
I will continue to nurture this idea. I know this seed will spread and grow in the minds of any
true innovators and those who know their right to build as they please as long as it is has the
benefit of the greater society as a whole, in mind.
I know this theoretical piece of software has the potential to be the next Reddit and
Wikileaks, all-in-one, through the beauty of open-source.
We would begin with a closed community development for obvious reasons, only inviting those
we know will be productive to the narrative we wish to create for our futures. Time to build a
brighter one !
if you’re interested email me
[email protected]

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