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Features needed in Dcorp exchange to be superior


1. Advanced orders
2. Charting tools
3. News feed
4. Project/coin/tokens specifics
5. Portfolio and community
6. Support
7. Trading & investment
8. Tax
9. Insurance

1. Advanced orders.

1.1 Stop loss & trailing stop function
People wants and needs the possibility to get out of trades, in every market.
Stop loss is an order placed to sell a given coin/token/instrument when it reaches a certain price, to minimize any loss.
Trailing stop is a flexible order placed to sell/buy at a certain level from the top/bottom – This can be in % or USD/BTC value, this is again to minimize any loss or lock in profit.

1.2 Activation orders
Implement a function that needs an activation price to get in play.
E.g. Bitcoin price is currently $10.100 and person A wants to trade on a breakout on Bitcoin $10.300, but can’t be on the screen all the time, now he puts an activation order for $10.350 and the actual order for $10.360. This gives him some rest in mind not being on the pc, and he is not gambling for a breakout which may not come.

2. Charting tools.

2.1 Charts and indicators
More and more people are trying their way with technical analysis, but not many exchanges are given the expected tools to do it properly. This means that we want to see chart tools which can be just as competitive as tradingview’s own. Where you can put in personal criteria and settings for moving average, RSI, MACD, volume etc. All drawings, settings etc. needs to be saved every time.

2.2 Trading from charts
For people using technical analysis it is sometimes important to make the trade instantly, this means that we need to see a buy/sell and current holdings with profit/loss on the chart to maintain the overview.

2.3 Trading from charts using trendlines
Not all have the capability to setup a trading bot and for them this could be an ‘easy’ plug in solution.
Making trendlines in peoples technical analysis working as an actual buy/sell order.
This can be setup with oné trendline being used as an activation order, and the next the actual order line. Or a more simply way where only oné line is ‘linked’ and is the actual order line.
Under the ‘link’ between an order line the specific order settings and terms could be setup as ‘Only fill 1 time’ – Only fill X times’ – ‘Fill every time the price hits’ and the opportunity to setup with stop loss/trailing stops.
- See link for visual explanation.

2.4 Multi charts
Multi charts for the advanced traders who are keeping an eye on many pairs

2.5 Alert systems
The need of an alert system which can be setup to an e-mail, pop-up inside the exchange or SMS (for a fee). This can be for coins going above/going below a certain price. Same goes for announcement for coins, users should be able to mark an interest box on every coin and get these announcements on e-mail.

3. News feed

3.1 Announcement feed
Make a signed deal for every coin on the exchange, about the requirement to give announced informations to Dcorp before a release (not days, hours, but maybe 10-15 minutes) so the team can be ready to publish it at the same time as the team has pronounced it will be public. This could also be shown as a pop-up if people have it in their portfolio or marked interest in the coin/token/instrument.

3.2 Daily, weekly or monthly newsletter
This newsletter will only have updates and chart on the users portfolio(s), and will also work as a ‘’reminder’’ of their account at the service.

4. Projects/coins/tokens specifics

4.1 What is this for a coin/token/instrument?
Background of the project with the most used dataset supply, circulating etc.
Links to official website, github, twitter, telegram etc.
Small information on what they are about and want to achieve.
- COULD BE interesting if a team member site could be established, where you could see team member A former project involving, advisor jobs etc. (big job and can be hard to follow up on, if no update deal is made by companies and persons)

5. Portfolio

5.1 Make it possible for users to open different portfolios, maybe they want 1 high risk and a top10 coins/tokens/instruments, of course it’s free and should be made easy to transfer from 1 portfolio to another.

5.2 Portfolio chart
Portfolio chart is interesting because you can easily show how the user has managed their wealth in mountain chart in USD/BTC value.

5.3 Community – sharing is caring
Maybe make a completely different system that only gets certain dataset from the user account (safety reasons) and make a community site where users are able to share ideas, charts and communicate on coins.
Each coin will have a list of threads going on about it with the capability to show threads or charts.
Here you can also make your portfolio public for others to see and the option for people to track it with an ‘alert’ mail/pop-up for trades.
This could be done with a fee to pay both the user and Dcorp in a 50/50 split.

5.4 Investor or risk taker? – Competition game
Make it possible for users to open their own investor/risk taker ‘’group’’ as a competition against each other. They can make up the criteria by themselves for example,
6 users – Max deposit 1 Bitcoin – Minimum 0.5 Bitcoin – Deposit + an extra 0.05 Bitcoin to price pool – Largest gain in % will win - Only 1st place will win – Competition will run for 7 days from the 19th of may 14:00 GMT to the 26th of may 14:00 GMT – Dcorp will take 10% in administration fee.
- Each will have to setup a new portfolio for this competition and link it into this group.

6. Support

6.1 Human support is a need to have
An exchange need a human support, there is no way around this. If people need support, they have to get in touch with humans and not a crappy AI where you just go around in circles!
- This can be done by ticket support or a live support chat.

7. Trading & investment

7.1 Trading against (almost) any pair
As we all know, everything is paired against Bitcoin and most against Ethereum, this is mostly because of the extra fee people need to use to get the actual coin, but why not give people the opportunity to trade ARK/BLOCK?
Bullex is a centralized exchange (for now) and therefor all trading will be done within its own system, and not be put public on a block. This is something Dcorp can use to their advantage to let market handle its own, by making all pair tradeable. If people are not seeing any volume in ARK/BLOCK and they really want the BLOCK coin, they will sell ARK to Bitcoin and then buy Block either way. This will give the 2x fee, but people will get the impression and feeling like they had a choice and an option.
- This is a feature Decentralized exchanges are having and will give them an edge, if not implemented.

7.2 Investment products/instruments
A lot of people won’t take their time to research or have an eye on the market, this is why Dcorp need to make an easy to use and hold products, for a fee or buy the set the products at a 1% higher valuation under buying like examples.
C20 product – 1 product holds top20 largest coins/tokens to diversify risk
Electricity product – 1 product holds WePower, POWER, SunContract etc
Platform product – 1 product holds Ethereum, EOS, Cardano etc
Exchanges product – 1 product holds Drp(U/S), Binance, CyberMiles, Coss, KuCoin

8. Taxes

8.1 Taxation
Setup an automatic system that calculates the taxes based on all history trades from the user. This will again make it extremely user friendly in this wild west for taxes, of course not all wants or feel the need to give these informations, but now it is made easy for them to use. It will also look good in the regulators eyes and they will for sure come at the exchanges in the future demanding these informations.

9. Insurance

9.1 Insurance and a money back guarantee
Exchanges need to have money back guarantee to provide a secure environment for users against a bug or hack towards the exchange, NOT individual lack of caution, this also backs up any claims that they are a serious an secure service provider.

All the things above will limit the need and use of
1) Other exchanges

Why do we want this?

This is features needed on Bullex to make it superior against others, it's that simply in my opinion.

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