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Chrome & MetaMask

Connect to
the Ethereum

In order to participate safely you need to connect to the ethereum network. The fastest way to connect is through Chrome and MetaMask as described below.

Following the step-by-step instructions below anyone can participate using Chrome and MetaMask

Bitcoin logo
Use Bitcoin (BTC) or altcoin

Already have Mist and looking for the step-by-step instructions on how to fund using Bitcoin or Altcoin?

Fund with Bitcoin

Step 1

First, you need to install Chrome. Search for 'Chrome' in your search engine or go to https://www.google.com/chrome/ direclty
Chrome download page

Step 2

Click on Download Chrome button to start the download

Chrome download button
Get Chrome for Ethereum

Step 3

Click accept and install

Chrome accept and install button
Download chrome for Ethereum

Step 4

You should see a page thanking you for the download now
Chrome thank you page

Step 5

Wait for the download to complete
Chrome for Ethereum downloading

Step 6

Chrome will open a new window automatically
Chrome for Ethereum window

Step 7

Search for Metamask in your Chrome browser or go to https://metamask.io/ directly and click on GET CHROME PLUGIN
Get MetaMask for Chrome plugin

Step 8

Click on the '+ADD TO CHROME' button to add the plugin to chrome

Add to Chrome button
Add MetaMask plugin

Step 9

Confirm by clicking Add extension

Add Extention button
Confirm adding the extention for Ethereum

Step 10

A new tab will open and the MetaMask plugin is displayed at the right top of your Chrome browser
MetaMask in Chrome

Step 11

Scroll down and click Continue to agree with MetaMasks' terms of use
MetaMask terms of use

Step 12

Fill in a strong password to use MetaMask and click Create

Do NOT lose your password!
Ethereum for Chrome password

Step 13

Safe your secret 12 word recovery key somewhere safe and press I'VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE to continue
MetaMask recovery key

Step 14

You start out on the testnet, click on Ropsten Test Net (1) and change it to Main Ethereum Network (2)
MetaMask switch to Main Ethereum Network

Step 15

Enter your password and click UNLOCK (1)

You're ready to fund your account! Click the copy icon to copy your wallet address (2)
Fund Chrome for Ethereum

Step 16

Click BUY(1) to buy Ether with Bitcoin or any other Altcoin

Now choose ShapeShift(2)
MetaMask buy Ether with BTC or Altcoin

Step 17

Type BTC (1) for Bitcoin, fill in your Bitcoin Refund address (2) and click Submit
Chrome for Ethereum using MetaMask exchange Bitcoin to Ether

Step 18

Scan the QRcode or send Bitcoin to the displayed address to start the conversion

Note that the amount you can send can be limited
MetaMask and Shapeshift