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The Crowdsale is closed! Sending Ether to will result in the loss of gas!


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Send Ether (min 0.04 ether, and min 85000 gas) to this address in order to directly receive DRP. This crowdsale is a smart-contract itself, your DRP tokens will automatically be linked to the Ether address you send from.

Please do not send Ether from an exchange directly. Step by step instructions are provided for using Mist or Chrome to connect to the Ethereum network

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We offer our whitepaper in English, Chinese and Russian | 我们提供英文、中文及俄语白皮书 | Мы предлагаем наш бизнес-план на английском, китайском и русском языках.



This crowdsale is decentralized and does not rely on any third-party. In order to guarantee a safe and fair crowdsale, the only accepted currency is Ether.

Prefer to participate with Bitcoin? We've prepared step-by-step instructions on how to use Bitcoin (BTC) to participate in the DCORP crowdsale. We'd hate for you to miss out!

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Use Ether (ETH)

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Use Bitcoin (BTC) or altcoin

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Amount of DRP

The graph below shows the amount of DRP to receive for each Ether you send
DRP crowdsale periods


Frequently asked questions

What are derivatives?

Derivatives are common financial tools that derive value from underlying assets, options, futures and warrants are a few examples of derivatives.

In the traditional world, the derivatives market is estimated to be a Quadrillion USD market. To put that in to perspective: this is more than 10 times the total world gross domestic product (GDP).

Why do we need derivatives?

Options and futures can be used to hedge risks or trade with leverage. The ability to hedge risks will allow more people, businesses, and investors to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Being able to trade with leverage allows for speculation on a declining price, reducing volatility as a result.

How do DCORP and DRP fit into this?

DCORP is a democratic decentralized organization that combines the best of a traditional company with the best of a decentralized company. DCORP gives structure to projects like the derivatives exchange. It arranges ownership, possible dividends' distribution and voting through DRP token ownership.

What happens with my Eth?

The Ether is used to establish DCORP. 51% remains in the contract to fund projects, selected from business proposals submitted. You vote, You decide.

This mechanism enables the prospect of continuous growth.

How does DCORP prevent DAO like abuse?

We're preventing DAO like abuse by installing an elected, incentivized board of directors, among other measures.

  • Fund contracts with periodic payouts to limit the stake
  • One or more members of the B of D are assigned to a fund contract and need to sign off on payouts
  • Submitting a proposal requires a payment to discourage spam and abuse
  • Different types of proposals, for different levels of impact, requiring a different quorum
  • Proposals with the largest impact require unanimous approval of the B of D first
Does the code work?

The code has been tested thoroughly and is accessible for review by shareholders.

How about safety?

All funds collected during this sale will be deposited in secured multi-sig wallets. Keys to the wallet will be held by the Founder and Board of Directors, making it so that all outgoing transactions have to be verified by multiple parties.

Trouble participating?

Contact us, we'll help!

Still not sure?

Take some time to inspect our smart-contracts! The source is published on etherscan.io


Our milestones on a timeline
Release of Whitepaper

DCORP releases it's whitepaper in English, Chinese and Russian.

Start date of crowdsale

The DRP crowdsale began on June 1st, please see the periods graph above.

End of crowdsale

The DRP crowdsale ends in July, please see the periods graph above.

Sourcecode release

In September 2017 DCORP releases the contract sourcecode for review by participants.


In October 2017, the DCORP contract is deployed by means of a shareholders' vote.

DRP token trade

The DRP token can can now be transfered and traded on exchanges for example.

Forum release

In December 2017 the ASP powered forum is released so that proposals can be discussed.

UI release

The easy-to-use UI is released in order for everyone to be able to participate (submit proposals, vote, transfer tokens)

Derivatives exchange

In March 2018 DCORP releases the derivatives exchanges' contract sourcecode for review by participants.


In April 2018, the derivatives exchanges' contract is deployed.

UI release

In June 2018, the derivatives exchanges' UI is released allowing wide adoption.


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Get Your
DRP in 3
Easy Steps

Step 1

Once you've setup your Mist, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask environment, send the amount of Ether you want to participate with to the crowdsale smart-contract at 0xD42433A8a0A1CEB73c8ff4e432463e2ee109039d. Need help? See Wallets and screencasts.

Note that any wallet with support for ERC20 tokens should work, contact us if you're not sure.

Step 2

Check your DRP balance by entering your Ether address below (give it a couple of minutes)

Your DRP balance is: 0 DRP

Step 3

Spread the word and follow the DCORP project!


Connect to
the Ethereum

In order to participate safely you need to connect to the ethereum network. The safest way to connect is through Mist as described on ethereum.org

Connect to the Ethereum network through Chrome and MetaMask without the need to download the whole blockchain. Using this option is the fastest.

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Connect with Mist

Secure option requires blockchain download

Use Mist
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Connect with Chrome

Fast option relies on third party software

Use Chrome


Supported Ether Wallets



* Requires exporting private key
Wallet missing? Let us know!


Exodus (BTC & ETH)

MyEtherWallet (MEW)


How it works