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Connect to
the Ethereum

In order to participate safely you need to connect to the ethereum network. The safest way to connect is through Mist as described on ethereum.org

Following the step-by-step instructions below anyone can participate using Mist

Bitcoin logo
Use Bitcoin (BTC) or altcoin

Already have Mist and looking for the step-by-step instructions on how to fund using Bitcoin or Altcoin?

Fund with Bitcoin

Step 1

Go to Ethereum.org, click the link or type the address into your browser
Ethereum.org homepage

Step 2

Scroll down and click on the See all versions link under download
See all versions link on Ethereum.org

Step 3

Agree then click on SURE I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to go to the Mist download page

Step 4

You arrived on the Ethereum Github page! Scroll down to step 5
Ethereum Github page

Step 5

Scroll down to find the Mist installer and choose mist-installer-0-8-10.exe. for Windows

or the link appropriate to your operating system
Mist installers

Step 6

Choose to save the file and double-click the file to start the installation process
Save Ethereum installer and double-click to install

Step 7

Confirm by clicking Yes to continue to install Mist
Start Mist installation

Step 8

click I Agree to continue installation
Agree with Mist installation

Step 9

Choose a destination floder for Mist and click Next >
Choose Mist installation folder

Step 10

Click Install to start installation
Start Mist installation

Step 11

Wait until the installation is completed and click Close
Wait until Mist installation is complete

Step 12

Double-click Mist to start the application

Tip: The Ethereum logo will appear in your taskbar, you can right-click it and choose 'Pin to taskbar'
Double-click Mist to start the application

Step 13

Wait for Mist to connect to the Ethereum network (this can take a moment)
Launch Mist

Step 14

Click Use the main network to create your account
Mist use main network

Step 15

Click Skip to continue creating your account
Mist skip wallet file

Step 16

Type your password to create a new account
Add an Ether account

Step 17

Click Next to create your account
Create new Ether account

Step 18

Click Next again to finalize your account
Finalize Ether account in MIst

Step 19

Make sure you backup your keyfiles and password! Click OK to continue
Create Mist backup step-by-step

Step 20

Wait for Mist to download the blockchain or restart Mist
Wait or restart Mist

Step 21

Wait for Mist to connect to the Ethereum network (this can take a moment)
Mist connecting

Step 22

Launch Mist

Step 23

Your firewall might ask you to 'Allow access', if so allow it
Mist firewall

Step 24

Click Main account (Etherbase) for Fund with Bitcoin
Mist main account (Etherbase)

Step 25

Open your account and Click Fund with Bitcoin to exchange Bitcoin for Ether
Exchange Bitcoin to Ether using Mist step-by-step

Step 26

In the 'Pay with' box select Bitcoin or any other Altcoin
Mist select Bitcoin or Altcoin

Step 27

Type in the amount Ether you want to receive (1), a return address (2) and your e-mail. Now click 'Submit'

You may omit the field and just press 'Submit' as well
Mist optional refund address

Step 28

Now send the displayed amount of Bitcoin to the displayed address and wait for the transaction to complete, when it does you own some Ether!

If you chose to omit the amount field before you can send any amount of Bitcoin and it will be converted using the current rate
Mist send BTC using Shapeshift